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Providing quality childcare since 1986


What we do at preschool

We aim to improve your child's abilities within each area of development, following the Department of Education guidelines. Our activities range from sand and water play, through opportunities for physical play such as riding and balancing, books, jigsaws, drawing, pre-writing and pre-reading skill development, imaginary play to structured play. Most under-fives spend the majority of their waking hours playing so we try to provide activities that are age-appropriate, ensuring that whilst learning your child is always having fun. Please remember to take home and proudly display your child's pictures. When you run out of space grandma and other relatives can be given priceless works of "genius" to decorate their homes. Don't expect something to be brought home every session, as we also have walls to decorate and lots of other activities to do. Fun and learning takes place both inside and out.

Your job as a parent in preschool

We want you to feel confident that your child is happy in their new surroundings. As parents you are always welcome to take an active part in any way you can, share your special skills or interests e.g. music, cookery, art or just come and play.

Your child will be with us for only a comparatively short time, so enjoy the experience and join in whenever you can.


Free Places

Cabbage Patch is OFSTED registered. This means that not only will your child be taught to the standards set by the education department but your child will be eligible for a free place when they reach the age-appropriate time or meet the required criteria.

Health and safety

Collection: It is your resposibility to keep the"who can collect my child" form updated as staff will always refer to this if you are not available to collect your child in person.

Accident procedure: All accidents are recorded in the preschool accident book and are reported to the parent on the day the accident happens, no matter how minor. On the registration document you will have answered questions regarding your child's health and the staff will refer to this when dealing with them. If your child's medical requirements change it is your responsibility to notify the staff.

Infections: Children are vulnerable to foreign bacteria and viruses, especially when they first join a playgroup or preschool where they are mixing with lots of other children. If your child becomes ill with e.g. chicken pox or measles, please notify us and keep them at home until the isolation period deemed necessary by the doctor has been fulfilled.


Special occasions

Birthdays etc. are never allowed to pass without special attention.


Each year every child will have their photo taken by a professional photographer and the photo packs will be available on a sale or return basis. You are welcome to bring brothers and sisters. Photos are taken during the autumn term and are ready before Christmas.

Final note

We try hard to ensure that every child in our care is loved, respected and valued for what he/she is - a unique individual.

We hope children and parents have an enjoyable and rewarding time with us, so if you have any questions at any time please always feel welcome to ask.

Admission policy

Children must be two years old.

A pleasant introduction is most important and we make every effort to ensure a welcome for parents and children.

We like you to visit the group before starting to become familiar with the surroundings and the staff.

We try hard to make preschool a happy place and take great care in settling new children.

The Cabbage Patch Preschool Registration Form is available to download below.

Cabbage Patch Preschool Registration formregistration 

Cabbage Patch Preschool Information Leafletleaflet

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Once you have completed and signed the form, please return it to:


Cabbage Patch Preschool

Balmoral Drive


OL10 3RD

If you have any queries on the form, its completion, or the above policy, please feel free to contact us. Go to our Contacts page for details.